Kirin Seafood Restaurant (Fairview)

There are lots of places that you can get dim sum in Vancouver.  They run the gamut of cheap, moderate, expensive, and everything in between.  Kirin has always been on the more expensive side of dim sum restaurants but what you get in exchange is usually better service (let me rephrase that… there’s often more servers available and they don’t all look like you’re bothering them).  I shouldn’t be too harsh though – their service is actually pretty good for a Chinese restaurant.

On this bright Saturday morning, we started our meal with the Marinated Shredded Chicken with Jellyfish.  Served cold, it’s a very refreshing dish during the summer months and the jellyfish and picked veggies gives it a noticeable crunch.  It might not be as good as the one that we’ve had at Koon Bo but it is a must try.


We usually like to order the steamed bean curd rolls but we didn’t see them on the menu and wound up ordering the Deep Fried Prawn, Pork and Tender Scallion Bean Curd Roll.  This crispy morsels had a filling that tasted mainly of shrimp.

Have you noticed that there is a big difference in how some Chinese restaurants handle the English translation of their menu?  Sometimes, it’s way off base or so lacking in description that you don’t know what you’re ordering.  In some other restaurants, they name every single ingredient no matter how big of a roll they play in the dish.  I think Kirin does the latter.


Next up with a long-translated-name is the Sticky Rice with Pork and Dried Scallop in Lotus Leaves.  Inside these steamed lotus leaves are some pretty tasty sticky rice packages.  Unlike other places, there’s ample juicy filling (good filling to rice ratio).


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again… despite being called Minced Dried Tangerine Peel Beef Balls, I really can’t detect the tangerine in this dish.  I can, however, taste the crunchy water chestnuts which I quite enjoy.


We had a bit of a problem with our order of Steamed Dried Scallop Green Onion Chinese Donut Rice Roll.  They brought us the wrong order and then brought us the same dish twice.  It’s difficult to see but the dried scallop pieces (what was there) is in the rice roll.  I liked the version that we had last time with bonito flakes better.


Check out our previous visit and see some of the other dim sum dishes that we’ve ordered before.

555 West 12th Avenue
Vancouver, BC

Kirin Seafood Restaurant 玉麒麟海鮮酒家 on Urbanspoon


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