La Cigale French Bistro

When dining at La Cigale French Bistro in Kits, it’s hard not to draw comparisons to the former tenants of this spot, Bistrot Bistro.  We really enjoyed our past meals at Bistrot Bistro so we were sad to see them leave.  We knew that a new French bistro had opened up and decided to come for dinner in July.

As it turns out, the new French bistro is run by Brigitte Raye, formerly from La Régalade.  We’ve always enjoyed our meals at La Régalade (see our posts here and here) as well as Café Régalade (further down West 4th) so we were pretty sure this was going to be a good dinner.


20130720_175522First up was the complimentary Cheese Sticks.  I could probably eat a dozen of these.  They have a nice flaky texture to them.  I saved some just so I could dunk into my French onion soup later on.

The list of daily specials is brought to you on a large chalkboard menu just like at La Régalade.

It must be difficult to be in the Raye family and not be involved in a French bistro.  Alain Raye (along with ex-wife Brigitte) opened the West Van restaurant back in 2002.

Since then, their son Steeve  (along with Alain) opened up Café Régalade in 2011 on West 4th.

Now, Brigitte and their youngest son Kevin have opened up this wonderful location.

Service was very good and I like that, although we had a primary waiter, all of the staff didn’t hesitate to serve us.  Wish we could get this kind of service at all restaurants.

For our appetizers, we picked one from the daily special list… the Coeur de laitue, Crabe et Pomme ($14.50) – a crab salad with lettuce hearts and apple slices.

The French Onion Soup ($8.75) is a must try if you like onions and cheese.  I was torn… on the one hand, I knew that if I tried to eat this too quickly, I’d burn my tongue because the soup (especially the onions) is super hot.  On the other hand, I couldn’t just stare at all of that cheesy goodness and wait until it cooled to a safe temperature.   Let’s just say that in the end, I wound up burning my tongue a bit.


The Roasted Pork Tenderloin ($22.50) was prepared perfectly.  It reminded me a little bit of the grilled prime rib steak that we had at their West Van location once.  I also loved the roasted veggies (celery root, turnips, and carrots in a port sauce).  If the weather wasn’t so hot, we’d want to make this at home… but we can’t bring ourselves to turn the oven on at home and make the house any hotter than it already is.


We also picked the Vol au Vent de la Mer ($27) from their daily special list.  The flaky puff pastry was bursting open with large shrimp, scallop, salmon and a white fish (not sure which).  Oh, and did I mention the lobster bisque sauce?  So decadent and so tasty.


Even if you don’t have room for dessert, you should force yourself to try it out.  They had a number of desserts available including the Figs with Ice Cream and Marscapone ($7).  We were lucky because we grabbed the last order of the day for this popular dessert.  The tender figs were sweet and made for a refreshing finish for our evening.

We also ordered the Chocolate Mousse ($8).  Our waiter served it by gently scooping it out into our dessert bowl (a bit differently than how it was served to us at Bistrot Bistro where it was “plopped” onto our plate).  If you love chocolate, you should try this… it was super chocolatey and it was so light and airy that you could taste the air bubbles.


All-in-all, a delightful meal.

1961 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC

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