Suika – Popular Japanese Fusion

Suika is one of the popular fusion Japanese restaurants in Vancouver (like Minami).  Servers are friendly and vocal about greeting you and they have some twists on popular dishes.

We visited during a hot July weekday so we knew we needed something to cool down with.  We decided on the Suika Shirley Temple ($4.00) which is a mixture of watermelon puree, calpico (a Japanese non-carbonated, milky drink), soda and lime as well as the Fresh Ginger Ale ($3.50).  Both drinks were refreshing – the ginger ale wasn’t very strong though and I couldn’t really taste much ginger to it.

While we were trying to decide on what to order, they brought us out a Complimentary Salad.  It’s simple but fresh and welcome on a hot day.


The Suika Deluxe Box ($12.80) isn’t on the menu so you have to request it.  It’s basically a small box of 9 different appies (the appies are different than what you find on their regular menu).  The serving size is really small (enough for 2 people to get a taste of each item) but it’s not meant to be a meal.

On our visit we had the chicken salad with tomato and cucumber, marinated eggplant, mackerel, spicy tofu, cream cheese on crostinis, some type of meat that I can’t recall (think it was either pork or duck), beef carpaccio, and crunchy lotus root.  Personally, I liked each item but I can see how some items might not appeal to everyone’s tastes.


We also ordered the AAA Rib Steak Set ($16.00) which included miso soup and rice.  The beef was brought to the table on a sizzling hot plate where the server finished the cooking by pouring the sauce over the steak at the table (he used a newspaper cone to keep the splatter from hitting us).  Kind of similar to what we had at Teppan Kitchen in Richmond.  Served with fried garlic chips and potatoes, the beef was cooked appropriately to a medium-rare.  There were some larger fatty parts to the steak but that’s to be expected from the rib steak cut.


We also wanted to try some sushi so we ordered the Negitoro Battera ($9.80) which is an Aburi-style pressed sushi with tuna belly, scallions, and a mix of soy and seaweed dressing.  I actually really liked this… it’s a bit of a twist with the sauce but I didn’t mind how the sauce mixed with the sushi.  It would have been nicer with a thicker slice of tuna but not a deal-breaker.

Kyuri Kimchi ($3.50) – Kimchi Marinated Cucumber were super crunchy and slightly spicy from the marinade.


We felt we needed a little something extra so we also ordered the Chicken Karaage ($8.80) which came with boneless chicken and Japanese salt and pepper.  The chicken pieces were rather large and had a crispy/crunchy batter.


Apparently, it gets pretty busy here at dinner so definitely try to stop by for lunch.  If you’re looking for a cheap California roll though, try somewhere else.

1626 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Suika on Urbanspoon


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