Gingeri Chinese Cuisine – Dim Sum

Gingeri is a Chinese restaurant located in Lansdowne Centre in Richmond.  Like many dim sum restaurants, it gets busy here during peak hours… especially with all of the mall patrons.  We arrived for a late dim sum (right before they closed for the afternoon) so service was pretty quick.

Our first dish was the Steamed Beef Rice Rolls ($4.95) which came with crunchy water chestnuts mixed in the filling and encased in a silky smooth rice roll wrapper.


We wanted to try a few dishes that we wouldn’t normally try so we picked the Deep Fried Scallop in Seaweed Roll ($5.20).  These were kind of interesting and had a whipped potato filling mixed with scallops on the inside.

The Crispy Shrimp Roll with Shrimp Tempura ($5.20) were perfectly fried and came with a mayo dipping sauce.


I was surprised at how “refreshing” the Steamed Roasted Duck Shaomai ($4.95) tasted.  I suppose the thin bean curd wrapper and the mushrooms in the filling made it feel very light.

Our last dish was the Steamed Spareribs in Black Bean Sauce ($4.50) which was a fairly standard dim sum fare.


323 – 5300 No 3 Road
Richmond, BC

Gingeri Chinese Cuisine 金如意粵菜精華 on Urbanspoon

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