Tai Won – Chinese Korean Snacks

Despite how the name of this restaurant phonetically resembles “Taiwan”, the food served at this little hole-in-the-wall is closer to a Chinese-Korean fusion.  Not that Chinese-Korean fusion is necessarily a bad thing.

When I came by for lunch mid-week in late July, the place was pretty deserted.  My first clue on the Korean aspect of this restaurant was when they brought out the Banchan (pickled radish and cabbage slaw).  Nothing too fancy but sufficient to tide me over until the main course arrived.


I heard that the Boiled Dumplings ($7.99) here were pretty good so I picked up an order.  The dumplings were of the small variety but were tasty.  At the table are some ingredients to make your own dipping sauce.


I decided to order the Fried Crispy Chicken ($17.99) which was a huge order.  This is more on the lines of something that you would share among 2-4 people as a snack.  The sauce was sweet and slightly spicy from the chili sauce.  This might be passable as a late night snack but I found that the chicken pieces were rather tough.  I wound up bringing most of it home (but not finishing it).

I had high hopes for the Noodles with Onion, Pork, and Black Bean Sauce ($13.99).  Unfortunately, the noodles were too starchy (probably cooked too long).  It’s a shame because I really did like the toppings (although it was difficult mixing the toppings with the noodles).


In many respects, the food here is like the kind of food that you’d get at a Taiwanese snack shop with both hits and misses.

4727 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

Tai Won 太園 on Urbanspoon


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  1. Too bad taste wasn’t on the wow scale, but the pics look delish! 🙂

    • I know… I really wanted the noodles to taste good. The toppings were fine though. Only been there once so maybe it was just a bad day?

      • It’s always worthing giving it another shot! Maybe trying something else and if that doesn’t pan out, you know it’s not for you. 🙂

        But, man… that chicken looks legit! 🙂

  2. bassnak@hotmail.com

    This is NOT a chinese restaurant. As a Korean myself, this is just Korean food but in Korea, we call it Chinese (for unknown reason). The menus you ordered are not really Chinese… as you can tell, Chinese restaurants doesn’t serve those. The name “Tai Won” does not resemble Taiwan if read properly in Korean. By the way, this place is not good at all. If you liked the black bean sauce topping, you should try somewhere else like ‘Sunny Dragon’ (http://goo.gl/maps/dMc2Z) in Surrey or ‘HeeRaeDung’ (http://goo.gl/maps/GTdyp) if it’s closer. Cheers – Ray

    • Hi. Thanks for taking the time to read our post.

      Actually, what I meant was that the words “Tai Won” sounds like “Taiwan” when you say it out loud in English (not Korean).
      I think Chinese and Korean probably share some similarities in cuisine as variations of these dishes exist in Chinese cooking too.

      The noodles were definitely too starchy here and the chicken was too tough. Unfortunately, those 2 restaurants are a bit far.

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