Shaughnessy Restaurant

So, what does a railway and golf have to do with a restaurant located in picturesque VanDusen Botanical Gardens?  Well, for one thing, VanDusen sits on property that was once owned by CPR and leased to the Shaughnessy Golf Club. 

We’ve been to Shaughnessy in the past but not since they’ve renovated VanDusen.  Previously the restaurant was just located off the main entrance to the gardens.  While the entrance to VanDusen has moved east (closer to Oak Street), the restaurant has remained in the same location and still has some nice views into the gardens.


Service here was quite good.  When we were seated, our waitress noticed that our table had a slight wobble and quickly adjusted the footing.  They were also quite attentive and friendly through the rest of our meal.  We were originally seated at a small table but after ordering our food, they moved the table next to us over so we had more room because they said their plates were on the large side and it would be more comfortable.

Since it was a hot summer day, we decided on some drinks to cool off.  The Citrus Spritzer and Cranberry Zinger were $4 each.  Both were refreshing but I liked the cranberry zinger the best.


The Hot Rock Crab Croissant ($16) came served with a light baby greens salad but it was the super flaky croissant that I enjoyed the most.


Our pot of Steamed West Coast Mussels ($16) came served with a tasty leek and garlic broth and plenty of fresh plump mussels.

I’ve never heard of a Prawn and Scallop Quesadilla ($17) before but it worked well with the crisp tortilla and the avocado mash mixed with the prawns and scallops.


It’s a good idea to stop by Shaughnessy for lunch and then walk off the calories in the 55 acre garden afterwards.

I remember having a really good dinner here many years ago… gotta remember to come back for dinner one day.

5251 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC

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