Finch’s Market – Chinatown Sandwicherie

You may have heard of Finch’s Tea and Coffee House downtown but did you know that there’s a Finch’s Market in Chinatown that serves up some of the same great sandwiches?

It’s actually located in a corner of East Georgia and Jackson, the former location of Fung’s grocery store.   Strathcona and Chinatown are no strangers to corner grocery stores/markets serving up some yummy treats… just look at nearby Benny’s Market.


Finch’s is known for their signature sandwich and the Pear, Blue Brie, Roasted Walnuts, Prosciutto, Oil & Vinegar ($8.95) is one of their top sellers.  I really enjoyed it.  The crusty bread served as the perfect vessel for the filling and I’m always a sucker for creamy brie.


They also serve breakfast dishes like the House Breakfast ($7.95) consisting of 2 medium boiled eggs, sliced vine tomatoes, fresh dill (which smelled amazing), prosciutto, and more of their tasty bread.  It took an unusually long time for this dish to come out (but our server did apologize).  I imagine it must have been the eggs that took a while.  They were served pre-peeled and I’m not sure how they stayed together because the yolks inside these babies were nice and runny.


The market is a bit hipster… yes, they do use mason jars for drinks.  And the prices for sandwiches are on the high side but the quality of the ingredients is good and the bread here is truly tasty.

501 East Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC

Finch's Market on Urbanspoon

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