Banana Leaf (Kits) – Lunch Tasting Menu

While there’s five different Banana Leaf locations, until recently, our visits have been limited to their West Broadway location.  Wait, I should be more specific because they have 2 locations on West Broadway… I mean the one in the Fairview area

Since we’ve always enjoyed the food at the Fairview location, I wanted to see if their other locations lived up to their reputation so we tried their Kits location.

The inside decor is similar with rich wood tones and various southeast asian trinkets adorning the walls.

Seeing as how we always have trouble knowing what to order, we decided to get the Lunch Tasting Menu so we could try a bunch of different things.

First up was their Green Asian Salad with fresh pineapple and papaya in a house-made lemongrass vinaigrette with fish sauce.  I’m not a big veggie nut but I simply adore this salad.  It has the perfect combination of tartness and slighty spicy kick to accentuate the fresh veggies.


Drinks here are pretty epic if you’re looking for something other than just pop.  We’ve had the Virgin Lychee Mojito and Mango Slush before and I’m sure we’ll order them again in the future.  And who doesn’t love a bendy straw?

Coming to a Malaysian restaurant, you know that roti is something that is a must try.  Our tasting menu came with both Roti Canai and Vegetable Spring Rolls served with a sweet chili sauce and curry dip.  The roti at Banana Leaf is top notch.


For our mains, our set menu came with the classic Rendang Beef (tender beef shank stewed in curry and coconut milk) and Sambal Green Beans (love the small little shrimp).


Lastly, we had the Tiger Prawns and Fish Fillet in Assam Curry.  Despite there only being two pieces of fish and two prawns (in addition to okra, green beans, and tomato), we were stuffed by the time this dish arrived.

But, of course, that didn’t stop us from having the decadent Deep Fried Banana with Vanilla Ice Cream.  If you can only try one dessert here, make sure you try this out.  They slice a banana in half and fry up both pieces in a light and crispy batter and top it off with gula melaka (palm sugar) syrup.  If that wasn’t enough, they include a healthy dose of really good vanilla ice cream


So, as it turns out, the food here is just as awesome as their other Broadway location.

3005 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Banana Leaf on Urbanspoon


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