Malay Curry House – Lamb Curry and Roti

There are days when you just say to yourself, “Today’s a roti day!”  Fortunately, Malay Curry House is relatively close to us.  Given how much we enjoy Malaysian food, it’s surprising that we haven’t had food from here for over 18 months (see our last post when we had take-out).

The interior of this restaurant isn’t super large but it looks bigger because they don’t cram the tables too closely together.

On this visit, their cold drink special was the Passion Fruit Tea which I thoroughly enjoyed.  It was perfectly refreshing for the hot summer we’ve been having.

We ordered 1/2 dozen mixed Beef/Lamb/Chicken Skewers with satay sauce.  The chicken was definitely the best as it was still moist and tender.  The beef and lamb were fairly indistinguishable from each other.


At first, we only ordered 1 serving of the Malaysian Roti with Curry Sauce.  The portion size is a bit small but the roti is spot on and has that great combination of crispy exterior paired with the soft and slightly chewy interior.  We wound up getting another order but chose the Malaysian Roti with Satay Sauce instead.


The Lamb Curry comes with rice (which is a necessity to sop up the sauce with).  The curry comes with both potatoes and tender morsels of lamb which were slightly fatty.  You have your choice of curry sauces but I stuck with the House Special Curry.

The Curry Seafood Pot doesn’t come with rice although I’m sure you could order a side of rice if you wanted to.  It’s kind of like a soup and the curry sauce is good enough to just drink by itself.  The hot pot comes with tender fish slices, mussels, shrimp, fish cake, and potatoes.  The only thing which would have made it better is if it came with fish balls too.


3608 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC

Malay Curry House 馬拉星 on Urbanspoon


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  1. I’m incredibly lucky that my local grocery store sells frozen roti that re-heat perfectly. You’re inspiring lamb curry for dinner tonight!

  2. Surprised I’ve never been! I never thought the restaurant would be good haha, I have to visit now. Did you like the satay more than the curry sauce for the roti?

  3. That was perfectly amazing + mouth watering to read 😉 Love it.

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