Thai Box 2Go – Inexpensive Thai Lunch in New West

Don’t let the name fool you… Thai Box 2Go isn’t just for take-out.  Located in New West on the 400-block of Sixth Street, this relatively small restaurant has comfortable seating in a clean environment with orange wall and rich wood tones in the furniture.

When I visited for lunch during the weekday in mid-September (they mentioned that they had been opened for about 5 months), it started out very quiet and service was attentive.  However, it started to get busier around noon and it became progressively more difficult to attract the attention of the busy waitress.


Their lunch specials are pretty good deals.  I grabbed the Green Curry Chicken Lunch Special ($7.96) and asked them to bump up the spice level (you can see the chili flakes in the picture below).  The lunch special came with a simple salad and a crispy wonton.  The wonton filling was pretty tiny but it had a nice crumch to the wonton wrapper.

The curry was quite good and had eggplant, peppers, and Thai basil.  I’m glad I asked for the heat kicked up a notch… it proved to be the perfect heat for my preferences without being overpowering.  For the price, it’s a good meal for lunch.


I decided to try some dishes “2go” and grabbed the Roasted Duck Red Curry ($12.96) and Pad Thai with Prawns ($9.96).


For some reason, this place really reminds me of Tip Thai in Poco.

110 – 418 Sixth Street
New Westminster, BC

Thai Box 2Go on Urbanspoon

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