Triple O’s (Grandview Hwy) – Breakfast Club

Until recently, I’ve never thought of hitting up a Triple O’s for breakfast… I’ve always thought of them as more of a burger place.  But since I was having problems finding a place for breakfast in the area, I figured I might as well try it out.

This particular location is located attached to the Chevron gas station on Grandview Hwy.  You could literally step 1 foot to the left and be in the gas station.  Being on a busy road, there were a number of truckers and city workers already here grabbing a hearty breakfast.

I decided on the Breakfast Club meal (under $8) that included crispy hash browns and juice.  The thing that I like about this breakfast sandwich is that it has almost everything you could ask for:  fried egg, cheese, sausage, AND hash browns inside the sandwich.  It reminds me of my own creation… the Super Terrific Happy Big Breakfast McMuffin.


They’ve designed this breakfast item like their regular burgers… therein lies the only problem I have with this creation.  The homestyle bun is very filling and the texture is just a bit too fluffy for my breakfast preferences.  I think if they even toasted the bun a bit, it would have been better.

The extra side of hash browns in the meal might be a bit of an overload for some people but they are tasty hash browns.

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3505 Grandview Hwy
Vancouver, BC

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