Burger Heaven – Burgers to die for (literally)

Many moons ago, while working in the New West area, I recall co-workers routinely talking about Burger Heaven.  Back then, the stories were invariably the same… someone got sick but, for some reason, they kept going back.  Not wanting to get sick myself, I stayed clear of this place for years.  I’m not sure if any of those rumours that I’ve heard were true or not but I decided to see for myself this past September.

Never being inside this restaurant before, the first thing that I noticed was the huge array of pictures pinned on walls of happy patrons.  Surely this must be a good sign.

I ordered a Buffalo Burger ($16.44) with salad and wedge fries along with a ginger ale ($2.99) – knowing that the ginger ale would help soothe any potential stomach problems if my choice for lunch was a bit off (even if it was just due to the placebo effect).

As it turns out, the food was quite good and any fears of sickness were greatly unfounded.  I found the buffalo meat to have great flavour but not gamey at all.  It was topped with bacon, cheese and crispy onion strings and the fries were super… crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  I usually stay away from wedge cut fries because many places don’t prepare them correctly and they wind up being too mushy but these were spot on.


I would definitely come back to try out some of their other burgers.  But I don’t think I have what it takes to tackle the Ernie’s Mile High burger (8 patties with the works) – finish this burger and you wind up on their wall of fame (along with coronary heart disease).

77 10th Street
New Westminster, BC


Burger Heaven on Urbanspoon


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