Ole Ole Mexican Deli

Ole Ole Mexican Deli has been on my list of restaurants to try along the 12th Street corridor in New West for a long time.  I’ve actually tried to stop by for lunch previously but they weren’t open so I kept this place in mind for a future trip.

I decided to try their Taco plate ($9.50) which came with chicken, beef, and pork tacos served along with rice and beans.  I love finding Mexican places that serve Jarritos as they have some interesting fruit flavours.  I grabbed a bottle of Mango Jarritos ($2.80) from the self-serve cooler but I think my favourite is still the Mandarin Orange.

I was kind of expecting soft tacos but these came out lightly fried.  It was actually pretty good and I enjoyed the slight crispness to the tortillas but I found that the frying process made all of the meat taste very similar.

The dish came with both rice and refried beans – while the rice was dry, the beans were quite good.


I think I preferred the tacos at Taqueria Playa Tropical in New West but these were an interesting twist.  I’ll need to try some more of their dishes before I give a final verdict.

They’re open for business from 12 – 9pm.

831 12th Street
New Westminster, BC

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