Koon Bo Restaurant – House Special Shredded Chicken

Koon Bo Restaurant is located in a little mini mall at 41st and Fraser and the parking lot always seems cramped.  There’s really not much to look at here… in fact, it’s pretty much a hole in the wall.  The stark white walls are only accentuated by a bright green and yellow chair rail that is positioned a couple of inches too high.  Note:  since our visit, they have done a slight renovation and the bright green has been replaced by a more subdued maroon colour.

We started out our meal with the House Special Shredded Chicken ($15.95).  Koon Bo makes one of the best renditions with a good balance of shredded chicken, pickled veggies and crunchy jellyfish.  In addition to sesame seeds (that always gets stuck in my teeth), they use some kind of red sauce (vinegar perhaps?).

I am always surprised at how expensive veggies are at Chinese restaurants… even just something simple like Gai Lan ($10.95).


We wanted a hot pot so we settled on the Seafood Combination Hot Pot ($15.95).  This was prepared quite well and had tender squid, shrimp, scallops, plenty of tofu and also carrots and mushrooms.  I love when squid is prepared properly and not chewy.  My only complaint is that they didn’t have lettuce on the bottom of the hot pot (helps to keep things from sticking to the bottom of the pot and also very tasty as it soaks up the sauce).

Our dessert was not the typical red bean that you get in most of the other Chinese restaurants but it was some type of oat, bean and peanut soup that seemed lighter and not overly sweet.


Service can be slow when they have big tables here because there’s usually only 1-2 people working when we come.  When we arrived, the restaurant was empty and service was okay.  But as soon as a few big tables started to fill up, it took a long time to flag someone down.

5682 Fraser Street
Vancouver, BC

Koon Bo Restaurant 冠寶美食之家 on Urbanspoon


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