Lobster ME (Las Vegas 2013) – The Lobsicle

When I first heard about a restaurant in Vegas dedicated to lobster I thought, “yes, please!”

The fact that it’s located in the Miracle Mile Shops connected to Planet Hollywood (where we were staying) makes it even better because we could come down here everyday if we wanted.  Plus, they have free Wi-Fi (you just have to ask them for the code which is good for 24 hour access).


On our first visit, we tried their Lobster Bisque ($9) which comes served piping hot in a sourdough bowl.   There seriously is nothing better than having soup out of a bread bowl.  The creamy bisque by itself was good but I love the way the soup gets absorbed into the bowl… I wound up eating most of the bowl.


We ordered the Blueberry Lemonade which proved to be both refreshing and quite tasty.  They even gave us a free refill of regular lemonade.  The regular lemonade is also refreshing but the blueberry lemonade is my favourite.


For our first visit, we tried the Original “Maine Style” Lobster Roll ($17 for medium).  This is their most famous roll and comes with a touch of mayo, lemon and spice blend.  There’s plenty of lobster meat here and it might be a good option if you’ve never had one before.


Personally, I preferred the Cajun Lobster Roll ($17 for medium) as the added spice kicks up the flavour level.


For our second visit, we decided to try their famous Lobsicle ($14) – a lobster tail on a stick fried up in a crispy tempura-like batter and served with butter.  I had butter dripping down my arms but it was worth it.


The food here isn’t cheap… but we are talking about lobster and I could see myself spending a lot of time here.

3663 Las Vegas Blvd S Ste 435
Las Vegas, NV


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  1. Oh my gosh I LOVED Lobster ME as well when I was in Vegas! I regretted finding this place too late because I only got to try their lobster roll and that’s it. Next time, I’m so going back! Your pictures made me salivate by the way..

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