Longtail Kitchen – Thai at the Quay

Longtail Kitchen is a Thai cafe located at the Quay in New West that uses local ingredients to recreate popular Thai street food while trying to stay true to traditional flavours and is a sister restaurant to Maenam.

I visited on a late October Wednesday during noon and the restaurant was rather dead.  Longtail’s name takes itself from the common water taxis of Thailand and surrounding islands.  These light crafts aren’t much to look at but they get the job done and often provide a thrilling ride to passengers.


Green Curry Fish Cakes ($10) is served with a bowl of rice (a necessity when having a rich curry sauce).  The aromatic curry includes eggplant, pungent ginger, baby corn, and crunchy peas.  This curry is the real deal and has an excellent spice level that had me intoxicated – not like many westernized green curries.  The heat of this curry grows over time.


Fried Oysters ($6) – these were 3 large lightly-battered oysters with nahm jim sauce (I imagine it’s the same type of nahm jim sauce that they use at Maenam).   These plump and juicy oysters really hit the spot when paired with the curry.


I decided to grab some stuff to go and picked up the Crispy Longtail Chicken Wings ($8) – 6 pieces with dipping sauce.  Definitely make sure you try these out… the wings are super and the dipping sauce really compliments the wings.

The Pad Thai with Prawns ($12) is a decent-sized dish and a perfect example of the street food that Longtail is trying to recreate.


Longtail is open from 10am to 7pm every day.

116 – 810 Quayside Drive
New Westminster, BC


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