Shanghai Lu – Formerly Golden Great Wall Szechuan

On the corner of Broadway and Heather in Vancouver is a restaurant formerly known as Golden Great Wall Szechuan.  Sometime during the summer of 2013, it either closed down or was reimagined as Shanghai Lu. 

We visited for dim sum in November and the place wasn’t too busy.  From what I recall, GGWS wasn’t very busy for dim sum either.  From the menu offering (both Northern and Southern dim sum) it seems like the menu hasn’t changed very much and we wound up ordering a number of the same dishes that we did back when it was GGWS.

We ordered the Shredded Pork with Chili and Garlic Sauce lunch special ($9) which included a bowl of Chicken Corn Soup and a bowl of rice.  The pork dish was flavourful and included black fungus, bamboo and carrots.


The Wontons in Hot Sauce ($7) – were just as good as I remembered… silky smooth wrapper and it packed a punch with the spicy garlic sauce.


Shanghai Dumplings ($7) – the xiao long bao had the proper amount of “soup” inside the dumplings and none of them were broken.  While the top part of the dumpling wrapper was a bit thicker, the rest of the wrapper was thin enough.

Sliced Beef Pancake ($7) – another one of our favourite dishes at dim sum.


From our dim sum visit, it seems that the food here is as good as it was before.  Service, however, is a bit of a problem (but the same could be said of a lot of Chinese restaurants).  Service seemed a bit slow and haphazard.  We had a dish brought to our table that wasn’t ours… before we even started to order.

705 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Shanghai Lu on Urbanspoon


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