Sushi Garden (Kingsway) – Why is this place so busy?

Seriously… why is this place so freaking busy?

I dropped by for take-out on a Friday afternoon and the place was jammed packed full of people waiting for a table, waiting for their food, waiting to pay, etc…

The Chicken Karaage ($3.95) was decent and fairly cheap for 6 wings (although I prefer my chicken karaage boneless).

The House Roll ($4.50) was pretty tasty but they didn’t pack it tightly enough and it started falling apart as soon as we tried to pick it up.  The BC Roll ($2.95) wasn’t exactly what I expected.  It looked more like a California roll that they added salmon skin to.


The Salmon Sashimi ($8.95) had relatively thick pieces of salmon but they didn’t trim it properly as there were some inedible bits.

We also picked up an order of Seafood Salad ($5.95) which included tako, shrimp, fake crab stick, vermicelli noodles, and some kind of mayo dressing.


I’m assuming the reason why this place is so busy is that the prices are dirt cheap.  I thought the food was somewhat okay but they clearly need to refine their craft.  Service here is quite lacking (although I didn’t dine in, I did wait for my order and saw the lack of service in action).  If you don’t mind a little disorderly chaos with you sushi and you’re looking for some cheap eats, this might be the place for you.  Otherwise, I noticed quite a few other Japanese restaurants along the same block that weren’t as busy.

4635 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

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