Dunn’s Famous – Smoked Meat and Chicken Combo

I had a rare visit to downtown Vancouver in mid-November so my lunch date took me to Dunn’s Famous (which has been on my to-do lists for a while).  The interior of the restaurant was mainly a collection of blacks and reds with black high-back leather bench seating, black chairs and tables, and red seat cushions.

The Classic Burger with Salad ($10.99) comes with a 6oz patty, cole slaw, and a half of a kosher pickle.  Don’t ask me what makes the pickle “kosher”.


I ordered the Smoked Meat & Chicken Combination ($13.99) with Caesar Salad ($0.99).  I liked how they used light and dark toasted croutons in the salad and the sandwich was visually stunning.  I picked a medium type of smoked meat but I think if I came back, I might want to try their fatty Montreal smoked meat instead.

The main drawback of this sandwich is that it seems to be put together more to please the eye than to be practical.  It was very messy and hard to hold together.  I would have also preferred the chicken to have been sliced thinner instead of being thick cuts of chicken.  This sandwich comes served on a light rye bread and I added some hot mustard to my sandwich that was a good addition.


The food’s pretty decent here if not messy.

827 Seymour Street
Vancouver, BC


Dunn's Famous on Urbanspoon


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