Fatty Cow Seafood Hot Pot

There’s nothing like cold weather to drive hordes of people (at least Asians) to hot pot places.  It must be all the steam emanating from the boiling pots that helps to keep us warm.  Well, it was a bitterly cold December night when we decided to visit Fatty Cow Seafood on Victoria Drive and the restaurant filled up quickly.

The inside of this restaurant – at least where we sat (close to the window) was cold so we tried to get our hot pot going as fast as possible.  On the weekend that we visited, the price was $20.95 per person plus broth and extras (there’s a lot of extras available).  We opted for something simple and picked the clear tofu soup.

They give you 3 types of sauces to start out with but you have to pay extra for other accompaniments such as garlic, cilantro or their “special” sauce.

If you happen to be seated at one of the inner tables (as opposed to the booths), you’ll notice that they have chair covers that can protect your jacket while you dine (I suppose they have a lot of spills and splatters here).

The beef was thinly sliced (as you expect it to be at a hot pot place) and cooked up quickly.  I was somewhat relieved that the shrimp weren’t “live”.  I still remember eating at a different hot pot place where our live shrimp came impaled on skewers with their legs still moving (it was a bit creepy).


We ordered a lot of food but here’s just some of the items that we received.

Udon noodles and various fish/meat balls (it was odd that the fish balls didn’t puff up much more than they did).

Plenty of veggies.


Corn, tofu puffs, dumplings, taro, fish slices, bean curd sheets and more beef.


Squid and really HUGE oysters… I like oysters but there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Lastly, our coconut jello dessert.


I think the food was okay (not great – some things better than others).  Definitely better than Posh (but that goes without saying).

5108 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC


Fatty Cow Seafood Hot Pot 小肥牛火鍋專門店 on Urbanspoon


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  1. mm it looks divine 🙂
    xx Tia

  2. We visit so many of the same restaurants! On my re-visit, food was just alright too but the prices are slightly cheaper than other places. Any restaurants you can recommend? 🙂

    • Tough to say… so many times I try a restaurant and it’s good but when I go back, it’s not as good as I remember.
      For Japanese, I liked Hyoga on Kingsway. Think I went there three times in 2 days.

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