Prince Chinese Seafood – Expensive but Tasty

Prince Chinese Seafood is an unassuming looking restaurant from the outside; located in a mini mall on the corner of Renfrew and Grandview Hwy. However, once you walk inside, you can clearly see that this restaurant is upper scale with prices to match. The decor is filled with neutral beige and browns punctuated with purple cloth napkins.

The Hand Shredded Specialty Chicken ($8.80 for a small plate) was a good interpretation with plenty of meaty chicken mixed in with crunchy veggies.


The Fresh Oyster with Ginger and Green Onion Casserole ($20.80) is one of the best oyster hot pots that I’ve had.  The oysters were super fresh and not overcooked resulting in tender and plump oysters without any fishy taste.


We originally ordered the Stir Fried Green Beans with Pork ($13.80) but our waitress upsold us into getting a special dish with green beans and beef .  Little did we know that the dish was $24.80 but O-M-G… the beef cubes in this dish were insanely tender (and plentiful).  I’m not sure what kind of beef this was but it was better than some steaks that I’ve had from steakhouses.  If you come here, you should really try this superbly melt-in-you-mouth beef.


For our complimentary dessert, we had Red Bean Soup (which seemed a bit on the thick side) in addition to some sweets.  The almond cookie was tasty and not too hard and the mango custard roll with shredded coconut was soft, chewy, and a tad sweeter.


I must admit that the dinner was better than I was expecting given the location (although prices are on the higher side).

2881 Grandview Hwy
Vancouver, BC

Prince Chinese Seafood 王子海鮮酒家 on Urbanspoon

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  1. Whattt… $24.80 and not seafood? LOL. I always liked Prince because of the name but ehh… not sure if I am in a rush to try their dinner. When some restaurants have prices similar to Sun Sui Wah, I get biased and head there instead. I have tried the dim sum here a while back and the menu is so limited! Like less than 10 items lol. Bonus for the mango custard rolls though! But I do like mango pudding more

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