Yolk’s Restaurant and Commissary

Okay, so I’ve always been a fan of Yolk’s food truck… but then again, I love breakfast food.  The only thing that I didn’t like about their food truck is that it’s difficult to truly enjoy a poached egg while standing on the street and holding the take-out container in one hand.

Fortunately, now that they’ve opened up an actual restaurant on the corner of Clark and E. Hastings, you can enjoy their food in comfort.  Well… they do have seating but the tables in the front of the restaurant are a bit cramped.

I visited on a Saturday morning in January and it was bitterly cold outside.  It was actually kind of cold inside as well – they had to have space heaters going to keep the restaurant warm.  Still, it was better than eating outside.

I ordered the Fresh Squeezed OJ which I thought was a bit expensive at $4 for an 8oz glass.

For breakfast, I had the Special Duck Confit with double eggs served open-faced with hollandaise sauce ($16.75) and an order of truffle lemon hash browns ($3.50).  I’ve had the shredded duck confit before at their food truck and it’s one of the few duck confits that I actually enjoy.  The eggs had perfectly runny yolks and was served with spinach, ginger marmalade and cracklin’.  I only wish there was more cracklin’ to this dish.

The hash brown potatoes were better than the first time I had them.  Soft on the inside and with the slightest crisp to the outside… this works good with their spicy ketchup.


This place got really busy after 9:30am and was full by 10am.  While they’ve transitioned from being a food truck to a full restaurant, I still felt the food truck vibe a bit.  While my breakfast took about 15 minutes to come out, the table next to me had to wait 30 minutes to get their waffles that they ordered before me.

1298 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC


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