Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe – The Windmill Pannekoek

There’s something about the interior of the Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe that reminds me a bit of The Diner.  I mean, sure… The Diner is British while the Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe is, um, Dutch.  Nevertheless, the kitschy knick knacks from the Netherlands is very reminiscent of the tchotchkes at The Diner.

I visited on a cold January morning and wanted something to keep warm.  The Hot Chocolate with whipped cream ($3.75) hit the spot and came in a big mug.


The Windmill Pannekoek ($13.35) came out really quick (but it was pretty quiet on my visit).  The thin pannekoek was soft and decorated with thinly sliced sausage, spinach, tomato, cheese, and a fried egg.  It was almost too pretty to eat… almost.

While the pannekoek is super thin, it’s deceptive because the dish is actually quite filling.


I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast – love the runny yolk.  This restaurant opens at 8am and it’s pretty much seat-yourself.  That being said, my service was quite friendly.

3292 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC

Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe on Urbanspoon


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