Victoria Sushi – Hidden Gem in New West

Victoria Sushi is a wonderful hidden gem located on Royal Avenue East in New West (just east of McBride).  I don’t call it a hole-in-the-wall because the interior is actually pretty nice with comfortable seating, dark wooden tables and red-padded chairs.  On my visit in February, the flat screen on the wall was locked onto the Olympics.

I started out my mid-week lunch with the Appetizer Sashimi ($6.95).  The sashimi was clean and fresh and included tuna, surf clam, two types of salmon, a white fish, and something that looked like hamachi.  There’s nothing more enjoyable than a beautifully prepared assortment of sashimi… so simple but tasty.  And the piping hot miso soup went down smoothly.


I also ordered the Oyako Don ($7.95) and Chicken Karaage ($4.95).  The donburi was exactly what I was looking for… the rice was coated with a tasty sauce and the mushrooms, onions, egg, and chicken were the perfect topping.

The chicken wings were juicy inside with a thin, crispy outer coating.


I’m a bit surprised that this place wasn’t busier but I guess it’s slightly off the beaten path.

10 – 15 Royal Avenue East
New Westminster, BC

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  1. Wow! Looks authentic + down home cooking! I will check it out!

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