Chong Lum Hin Seafood – Dim Sum

Chong Lum Hin is your typical old-school Chinese restaurant located in New West.  Given that New West doesn’t have a big selection of dim sum places, Chong Lum Hin is a pretty good alternative.

The restaurant is fairly large with a good-sized parking lot in the rear.  We started out with the Steamed Bean Curd Roll in Oyster Sauce ($3.50) – these were larger than ones that we’ve had at other dim sum restaurants.  I think the filling was more meaty as well.

The Steamed Beef Rice Roll ($3.95) had smooth rice roll wrappers and was pretty good but I wish that there was a bit more soy sauce to go along with it.


We also ordered the Steamed Prawn with Chive Dumpling ($3.50) and the Pan Fried Radish Cake ($3.75).  The dumpling wasn’t that remarkable but I did enjoy the radish cake.


As with most dim sum restaurants, you can also order other dishes during dim sum such as the Singapore Fried Rice Vermicelli ($7.95)  – whenever I eat this, it always turns my lips yellow with curry sauce.  The plate was rather large and we wound up taking some of it home with us.  This was a pretty good rendition.


Prices here were pretty good and the food was everything that I’ve come to expect for enjoyable dim sum.

7604 6th Street
Burnaby, BC

Chong Lum Hin Seafood 新東寶小館 on Urbanspoon

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