Sushi Tang – Disappointing Sashimi

Sushi Tang… okay, the name doesn’t really inspire confidence.  Who wants their sushi to taste “tangy”?  Anyways, this restaurant is located on busy 6th Street in New West.

Probably the best part of my meal was the Miso Soup which came out hot with plenty of green onions, seaweed and small tofu pieces.


I wound up ordering the Sashimi Box lunch special ($9.99) and an order of Chicken Karaage ($4.99).

The salad dressing seemed to be a ranch-style dressing instead of the usual carrot ginger dressing and just seemed odd when I ate it.  I found that the tuna sashimi was still partially frozen in the middle.  The salmon sashimi wasn’t still frozen but it didn’t have the fresh, clean taste that you would expect it to have.  It’s a shame because I like that the salmon was really red (unlike farmed Atlantic salmon).

The potato croquette was okay and the spicy California roll was sitting on some type of sauce but nothing to write home about.

The chicken was a big dish but I found the pieces to be a bit powdery in taste from the coating and the meat was dry and not juicy.   This seemed to be more like something you find in a Taiwanese snack shop.


Given the issues with the sashimi and that most of the items were just “meh”, I probably wouldn’t come back here.

546 6th Street
New Westminster, BC

Sushi Tang on Urbanspoon


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  1. Tang is probably the owner’s last name lol. I always wondered how the food is here… Now I know!

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