Golden Oscar Cafe and Restaurant

Golden Oscar Cafe and Restaurant is a busy HK style cafe located on Rupert Street in Vancouver, across from Penang Delight Cafe.  Fair warning: the parking lot is a bit cramped.

The soup that came with our meal was a cream-based soup… some kind of condensed cream of chicken I think.  Our Cold Lemon Teas, which came with our meals (for an extra charge), was served in a large metal beer mug and included a container of extra sweetener that you could add to your drink.


The Shredded Duck with Stewed Vermicelli ($9.50) came with chi qua (hairy melon) and plenty of duck meat.  It was a solid dish and I enjoyed it thoroughly.


The Chicken Wings ($5.75) came with 8 pieces of deep fried wings.  I thought these were just okay… they were crispy but the meat inside was not juicy at all.


Something that you should always try at a HK style cafe is the baked dishes… like the Baked Pork Chop with Cheese on Rice ($9.35).  At first, I thought that the rice was a bit dry but once you mix it up with all of the sauce, it’s all good.  Like other HK style cafes, the portion sizes at Golden Oscar are generous.


Something that you can’t miss in this restaurant is all of the old movie posters on the wall… things like Casablanca, My Fair Lady, and Braveheart.  Perhaps this is a nod to the name of the restaurant… “Golden Oscar” or maybe it’s just random decorations.

3868 Rupert Street
Vancouver, BC

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