Burger King (South Burnaby) – Angry Breakfast

There’s a corner of Highgate Mall that seems like the Bermuda Triangle of restaurants… all of the restaurants that open here seem to disappear (anyone remember Applebee’s or House of Wings?).  But I suppose that’s partly to do with the fickle restaurant scene in the Lower Mainland.

Well, it looks like Burger King is going to try and make a go of it.  They’ve completely renovated the site and turned it into one of their new concept locations – similar to the way McDonald’s is trying to go more upscale.  Here, you’ll find flat screen tvs on the wall, tall ceilings in the foyer, vibrant colours, and more casual seating arrangements.


I picked up the Angry Breakfast – where they take a regular sausage and egg breakfast sandwich and kick it up a notch by adding crispy onion petals, jalepeños, pepper jack cheese, and hot sauce.  This is a total winner if you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary.  I’m also a fan of the bite-sized hashbrowns that they serve.  So if you’re having trouble waking up in the morning, do something about it and get Angry!

Note: I have been to this location a number of times since it first opened. Sure enough, the shine of the new store has faded a bit.

145-7155 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC


Burger King on Urbanspoon


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