Morak Korean Fusion Restaurant

There’s this great little Korean restaurant that opened up in the old Tomoya Japanese Restaurant location.  Yes, the parking lot next door is still a tight fit but there is metered street parking available outside.

On the inside, the restaurant appears clean with brown tables and white seating.  Speaking of seating, it looks like it could get cramped here when it’s busy.  Fortunately, on both of my visits, it was practically empty.


For lunch one day, I stopped by and had the L8 – Hot Pot Bibimbap with Beef Bulgogi ($10.95 lunch special).  Along with my meal, they brought me some pretty good banchan (crunchy bean sprouts and broccoli, kimchi, and potatoes).


The hot pot gives a slight crisp to the bottom of the rice.  It’s best to mix up all of the ingredients (carrots, zucchini, bean sprouts, mushrooms, daikon, fried egg, and beef bulgogi with the hot sauce that they provide.

I enjoyed mo:rak so much that I came back for dinner.  The banchan were the same as what I had at lunchtime.

One of the dishes that we always get at Korean restaurants is the seafood pancake.  The Seafood Pancake ($15.95) here reminds me a bit of a deep dish pizza and, despite the seafood filling being mainly tender squid and small shrimp, it was quite good with a nice crunchy exterior.


The Bulgogi Fried Japchae ($18.95) is a rather large dish and comes with beef bulgogi stir-fried with veggies and sticky sweet potato noodles.

Speaking of bulgogi, we also ordered the Chicken Bulgogi ($12.95) which arrived on a sizzling hot plate along with onions and mushrooms.


The food here is solid – I’m a bit surprised that it’s always been quiet on our visits.  Perhaps they get a larger late-night crowd.  In either case, be prepared to put your fingers to a bit of a workout – I always find that my fingers start to hurt after using the stainless steel chopsticks that you find at Korean restaurants.

6285 Nelson Avenue
Burnaby, BC

Morak Korean Fusion Restaurant 謀樂韓國混合料理 on Urbanspoon


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