Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant – Spot Prawns 2014

Just like the Alaskan King Crab season earlier this year, Spot Prawn season this year is nothing like it used to be.

We visited Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant in hopes of catching some tasty crustaceans but were taken aback a bit by the prices… $28/lb for Spot Prawns – it was more expensive than the lobster!  I guess we can pin this on the insatiable appetite of China… just like the Alaskan King Crab prices.

Sure, Sea Harbour is on the expensive side for most of their dishes, but I think the prices are generally higher this year.  T&T, which is usually a good gauge for Spot Prawn prices in restaurants, was about $17/lb.

We decided to have them prepared 2 different ways: 1.5 lbs pan-fried and 1.5 lbs steamed (I think they charged a bit extra to have them pan fried).

There was actually a wide range of sizes for the prawns that we received, including a number of small Spot Prawns that looked like regular shrimp. I found that some of the prawns turned out chewy. Not sure if this means they were overcooked or not since some say that Spot Prawns turn mushy when overcooked.

Taste-wise, I preferred the pan-fried variety – which is surprising because I usually prefer the prawns simply steamed.


We wound up ordering the Peking Duck (2 courses).  On the good side, they actually gave us enough wrappers for the Peking Duck.  In so many other restaurants, they don’t give you enough wrappers and they wind up charging you extra for more wrappers.  The duck lettuce wrap was actually pretty good – and they hand cut the lettuce bowls for you too.


I was a bit disappointed with the Black Cod.  Usually, the flesh melts in your mouth but I found this dish to be meaty and overcooked.

The Green Beans, however, was actually one of the better dishes that we had.  I just wish that they didn’t deliver it in the beginning of the meal (before the Peking Duck).


For dessert, instead of red bean soup, they were serving a green bean soup.

Given the price point of this restaurant, I found the service to be lackluster and the quality of the food didn’t seem to match expectations.  I much preferred our dim sum visit here over dinner service.

Due to the recent re-opening of the nearby Richmond Night Market, driving down here on the weekend can be a bit crazy.  On the plus side, it is right next to the casino and you can always hit the Night Market afterwards if you’re still hungry.

150 – 8888 River Road
Richmond, BC

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