Hawksworth Restaurant – The English Breakfast

Hawksworth is a shiny restaurant located in the Rosewood Hotel Georgia, sitting across from the Vancouver Art Gallery.  And by “shiny” I mean the decor is filled with white marble tables, stainless steel, and coffered ceilings.  At first, I thought I was a little underdressed for this place but then I noticed that a lot of the other patrons were wearing just shorts and t-shirts – probably guests in the hotel I suppose.

The English Breakfast ($22) at Hawksworth is a bit pricey… a little more than twice what “The British Breakfast” cost at The Diner.  My breakfast came with sourdough toast wrapped in a blanket, just waiting to be smeared with jam and marmalade.  I must admit that I much prefer this bread over the deep fried bread that I had at The Diner.


This is a very hearty way to start the day… two beautifully fried eggs with runny yolks (yet not oily), thick slices of bacon, a plump sausage, tomato, and mushrooms all served with crispy hash brown potatoes and a serving of baked beans.  That rectangular thing on the plate is black sausage and a bit of an acquired taste – almost like a meaty cake.


Breakfast was good with quality ingredients and a solid execution.  Service too was top notch.  Was it worth the price?  Well, I’d probably come back.

801 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC


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