Tropika (Lansdowne)

Tropika used to be located in Aberdeen Centre before it, and Northern Delicacy, were closed down for failing to pay their rent.  While not the best Malaysian restaurant in the Lower Mainland, it does fill a void when you’re hankering for some roti.

We were actually going to just hit the food court for a quick meal but arrived just as they were closing up.  Instead, we decided to give Tropika’s latest location a try.  We started out with some drinks:  the Tropical Fruit Punch (with guava nectar) and the Ice Age (coconut juice and lychee slush).  We’ve had these before but, this time around, I found there wasn’t much lychee flavour in the Ice Age drink.

One of the best parts of the meal has to be the Satays.  We had 2 each of the chicken, beef and lamb.  All were good, but my favourite was the lamb.


We also ordered a Vegetarian Spring Roll and Indonesian Spring Roll.  Honestly, I wasn’t a big fan of the peanut coating on the Indonesian spring roll.


The usual reason that we hit a Malaysian restaurant is to get our roti fix satisfied.  While the roti at Tropika has never been the best, it was passable yet a little thick in parts.

Mee Goreng is also a staple for us and this was a good rendition with the noodles being slightly spicy.


On our visit, it seemed like they were quite busy.  I’ll say one thing for them, they are very efficient here – the dishes came quick and the empty plates were taken away quickly.  Even our water glasses were refilled quickly.

5300 No 3 Road
Richmond, BC

Tropika at Lansdowne 星馬印 on Urbanspoon


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