Gyo-O – The Fish King

Gyo-O is tiny little Japanese restaurant with an unusually high ceiling.  They’ve taken advantage of this extra space to put in a huge mural on one wall as well as decorating the remaining walls with wooden blocks covered in kanji.

Due to the size, this restaurant can get pretty busy and cramped during the dining rush.


The Deep Fried Chicken ($5.95) was quite good.  This is the kind of karaage that I really enjoy… boneless and tender inside with a deliciously crisp exterior.

The Spicy Nabenyaki Style Udon ($11.43) came with prawn tempura, chicken karaage, and tuna sashimi on the side.  I thought the noodles were quite well prepared and enjoyed the soft and toothsome udon noodles.  Inside the bowl, along with the noodles, was a boiled egg in a spicy broth.  This bowl of noodles was as good as I’ve ever had.


I’ve read about the seafood donburies that Gyo-O has so I knew I wanted to try their Seafood Yukke Don ($11.43) which includes chopped tuna, salmon, squid, prawn, fishcakes, and takowasabi along with a beautifully soft poached egg.  I popped the egg open and mixed the golden yolk with the rice and the rest of the toppings – super delicious!


Remember, it can get busy here and they are cash only, but it’s worth the visit.   They have so many different donburies that I’ve never seen at other Japanese restaurants.  If you’re looking for something a little different, try out their bukkake udon where the sauce is served on the side.

2137 – 3779 Sexsmith Road
Richmond, BC

Gyo-O 魚王 on Urbanspoon

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  1. I love the seafood yukke don! 🙂

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