Piroshky Piroshky (Seattle) – Busy Russian Bakery

While strolling along Pike Place in Seattle, you’re bound to come across the first Starbucks location near Pike Place Market… the long lineups and the old-style Starbucks logo is a dead giveaway. In actuality, the first Starbucks was originally located about a block away at 2000 Western Avenue before it was moved to the current location in 1976.

Speaking of long lineups, the lineup at Piroshky Piroshky can rival that of the nearby Starbucks. Not to be confused with the Polish perogy, piroshkies are Russian baked or fried buns that are filled with sweet or savory fillings. The sweet aroma of baked products will draw you in to see what the crowds are here for.


All of the piroshkies here are made from scratch and they have a wide selection of types despite the small size of the bakery. However, don’t be surprised if your favourite variety is sold out given the huge lineups.


The Apple Cinnamon Roll made with slices of Granny Smith apples and finished with a glaze of honey and lemon is one of the more popular items here.


There’s really no place to eat in the store so the best thing to do is walk to a nearby park and enjoy your piroshky, like the Lemon Twist shown below.


If I wasn’t already so full from lunch, I probably would have wanted to try one of the savory piroshkies like the Beef and Onion or the Beef and Cheese.

1908 Pike Pl
Seattle, WA


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