The Cheesecake Factory (Tigard) – Comfort Food

Ahh… The Cheesecake Factory! It seems like all of the Cheesecake Factory locations that we’ve been to has always been busy. After some tax-free shopping at the outlet mall, we stopped at The Cheesecake Factory in Washington Square Mall.


I’d almost forgotten about how good their whole wheat honey oat bread (the dark brown bread in the picture below) was until it landed on our table.

The Cheesecake Factory is all about comfort food.  And nothing says comfort more than their Famous Factory Meatloaf ($15.95) served with grilled onions, mashed potatoes and corn succotash.


Considering I just had biscuits and gravy for breakfast (at Biscuits Cafe), I can’t believe I ordered the Chicken and Biscuits ($16.95) for dinner… but what can I say? The top of the buttermilk biscuit had a nice crust to it – it was like eating the top of a muffin.  At first, the gravy had gotten all soaked up in the biscuit and chicken and the dish was a bit dry.  But our server noticed this and brought me out another bowl of rich pan gravy.

Of course, you can’t come to The Cheesecake Factory without ordering dessert… even if the portions here are quite generous. The Lemoncello Cream Torte ($7.95) is one of their lighter tasting desserts comprised of layers of vanilla cake, lemon mascarpone cream topped with streusel, whipped cream and strawberries.


I’m not sure what I liked more… the tax-free shopping or the comfort food at The Cheesecake Factory.  Wish we had both of these things back in Vancouver, BC.

9309 Washington Square Rd
Tigard, OR


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    yummy! my favorite 🙂

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