Babica Hen Cafe (Oswego Lake) – Champagne Oysters

One of the real finds that we had in Oregon was Babica Hen Cafe in the Lake Grove neighbourhood of Oswego Lake. Their scratch-made food was tempting enough for us to come here twice on our road trip.

This cute little salt and pepper shaker was sitting on our table.


Oh me, oh my!  The Hot Chocolate ($4) here was worth every penny.  It’s served with a generous amount of whipped cream on the side (which is great because you can control how much to use and it doesn’t all melt like it does if they just plopped it on top of the hot chocolate).  But even better, it came with an awesome house-made marshmallow on the side as well.

The Lake Grove Breakfast ($9) comes with a 3 egg omelette (or scramble), potatoes and fresh fruit and you add your choice of extras such as meat for $2, or veggies for $0.75.  Whatever you choose, make sure you add the warm corn bread to the dish… it was really tasty.


The Champagne Oysters ($15) sounded really decadent for breakfast.  Pan fried oysters and puff pastry served with crisp bacon, artichoke, red pepper, and spinach in a champagne cream sauce.  The potatoes here are really good and we finally found a breakfast spot on our road trip with fresh fruit that didn’t make us cringe.


Smoked Salmon Quinoa Cakes ($15) wasn’t exactly how we expected it to be.  In addition to the perfectly poached eggs, beets and arugula salad with squash, the dish had an abundance of smoked salmon.  I actually think they used too much salmon in this dish.

The Oregon Bay Shrimp Benedict ($16) was served with 2 soft poached eggs covered in a cajun hollandaise sauce atop the mixture of plentiful small shrimp, chunks of red pepper and corn.


Loved all of the scratch-made food here.

4200 SW Mercantile Dr
Oswego Lake, OR

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