Burger Burger – Unabashed Hole-in-the-Wall

Burger Burger – no, I didn’t stutter. That’s the name of a hole-in-the-wall burger joint in New West… well, at least a former hole-in-the-wall burger joint since the place closed up recently.

One look inside this dive and you can tell that they’re not aiming for pretense here… just a big board on the wall with the menu and a simple interior.  If you’re looking for a hipster burger bar, you’ve come to the wrong place.


I ordered the special Bacon and Cheese Combo for $7.95.  With that, you get a 4oz burger on a toasted bun with onions, tomato and lettuce.  This is just like the kind of homemade burger that you’d find at any picnic but without the annoying ants and mosquitoes.

Everything is right on the mark here… from the toasted bun which holds up well to the burger to the crispy fries that are soft on the inside.


The burgers here probably won’t win any awards but they are unabashedly tasty.  Service wise, they seemed pretty friendly with constant “hello, dear” and “thank you, dear” expressed by the owner to the patrons.


340 6th Street ***CLOSED***
New Westminster, BC

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