Paradise Vegetarian Noodle House – What the Pho?

Have you ever heard of a vegetarian pho before?  Yeah, me neither.  One of the characteristic elements of pho (for me at least) is the beef and the broth.

I’m not usually one to opt for vegetarian dishes but I was feeling in the mood for something a little lighter.

This restaurant is located in The Crest area of Burnaby and I almost didn’t visit because their “Open” sign was turned off. In either case, it wasn’t very busy during my visit.  Unlike most pho shops, this restaurant actually looked clean and welcoming on the inside.

The best part of my meal was actually the Pan Fried Stuffed Eggplant ($9.50).  Stuffed with fried tofu, the eggplant was perfectly cooked with a crispy texture and an oh-so yummy sauce.


The Vegan Beef Rice Noodle Soup ($6.50) is a slightly odd menu description since there’s no beef in it.  The bowl was a bit small but, on the plus side, the silky smooth noodles were good.  Inside the bowl was daikon, fried tofu, and fake beef.  The fake beef wasn’t that great and tasted like, um, fake beef.  The broth was very light with little to no flavour.


I wouldn’t come back for the pho but the eggplant was done very well.

8681 10th Avenue
Burnaby, BC

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