Let’s Roll Sushi Bar (Lansdowne Centre) – Custom Sushi Rolls

Why are there so many sushi places in Vancouver? I’ve often asked myself that question only to come to the realization that sushi is fun to eat. It’s bite-sized and there’s so many combinations of ingredients.

I’m sure that many of you have probably thought that you could come up with an original sushi roll… in fact, there’s a plethora of apps that are based on that very concept. But now there’s finally a real sushi place in the Lower Mainland where you can finally let your creative sushi skills loose (without even getting your fingers dirty).

Let’s Roll Sushi Bar (there’s currently one in downtown Vancouver and this one in Lansdowne Centre in Richmond) lets you choose all of the ingredients and they’ll roll it up for you. For $7.99, you pick the type of wrapper (regular seaweed or soy), the type of rice, 2 veggie and 2 meat ingredients, 2 toppings, and the sauce to use.  There’s plenty of ingredients to choose from to make your own unique roll.


This roll is made up of avocado and cucumber, spicy tuna and unagi, topped with crab meat and mango chunks, and drizzled with Japanese mayo and spicy mayo.  It’s a fairly large roll and comes with about 10 pieces.


Below is a roll made using the soy wrapper and includes avocado and papaya, chopped scallop and unagi, and topped with crab meat and masago drizzled with Japanese mayo and spicy mayo.


This may be just a novelty but I did enjoy being able to choose each item that went into these rolls.

5300 No 3 Road
Richmond, BC


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