Sushi Koharu – The Un-Sashimi Box

I’ve past by Sushi Koharu a number of times while driving down 12th Street. After having lunch here one day, I probably should have kept driving by.

It was just before noon when I visited and the place was quite dead so I picked a table close to the window. As it turned out, the chairs by the window looked kind of dirty – like the cushions had been stained a number of times.


One of the reasons why I decided to come here was because I heard that Sushi Koharu had a number of bento boxes to choose from. As it turns out, they are all fairly similar to each other with only a couple of small substitutions. I ordered the Large Sashimi Box ($12.95) but they must have misheard me and gave me the Deluxe Sashimi Box instead ($15.95).

Normally, I wouldn’t have minded – after all, I like sashimi. However, calling this a “deluxe sashimi box” is a big misnomer. You would think that something with the words “deluxe sashimi” in it would either have a lot of sashimi or a wide assortment of sashimi. Instead, there were only 5 pieces of tuna and salmon in the box and the tuna wasn’t thawed properly as it was still partially frozen when I bit into it. Also, you could tell that the tuna was cut into smaller pieces so that they could say there was 5 pieces of sashimi in this box, when in fact, it probably would have been 4 pieces.

As for the rest of the box, the avocado in the California roll was hard from not being ripe enough. Hence, instead of being creamy, it was difficult to bite into.  Similarly, the dynamite roll wasn’t much better.  The best part of the box was the tempura, which contained red pepper and eggplant. However, the yam tempura was slightly burnt.

All in all, the service was indifferent and the food quality was poor. During my entire visit, they seemed to be playing the same Asian pop song on repeat with the lyrics “you can do it” going on and on. Maybe they were trying to encourage themselves to do a better job?

Would I come back? No. Seriously, why call it a “deluxe sashimi box” if there’s barely any sashimi in it and the sashimi is of poor quality?

712 12th Street
New Westminster, BC

Sushi Koharu on Urbanspoon


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