Miura Waffle Milk Bar

I’ve heard many good things of Miura Waffle Milk Bar. But because it used to be located downtown, I never had the chance to try them out. So when I heard that they moved to Main Street, I decided to try them out the next time I had a waffle-itch.

Aside from some killer pancakes that I had in Hawaii, I’ve always been more of a waffle guy. Waffle sandwiches aren’t something new to me – love the ones at Patisserie Lebeau… but mix it up with some Japanese twists? I’m game.

I actually arrived for an early dinner and the place was empty except for me. The Japanese waitress seemed nice and took my order of Kachan Karaage ($7.99), Nori Chips with wasabi ranch dip ($3.79) and Root Beer Ice Cream Float.


The Nori Chips are crispy seaweed pieces that have been fried up. These actually look like the thin seaweed snack sheets that you can buy at Costco and, although I’m a fan of the un-fried versions, I find that the frying process at Miura doesn’t really add anything special to the “chips”. Sure, they’re crispy… but taste-wise, it’s kinda meh. The fried nori comes with dip but it’s very difficult to pick up any dip with these thin rectangular sheets.


Now, the thing to remember about Miura is that these are meant to be waffle sandwiches and to be eaten by hand. They actually have prominent signs explaining that they do not supply utensils here. I thought that was kind of odd until my sandwich arrived. As it turns out, the waffle doesn’t hold up very well to the filling – in fact, I found it to be a bit soggy.

That’s not to say the sandwich wasn’t good. I did enjoy the fried soy-ginger chicken and the crunchy asian slaw added a much needed textural component to the sandwich – but this was very messy to eat. I wish the waffle had a bit more of a crisp exterior – or even if they used a liege waffle instead. Soggy waffles are such a turn-off.


Is it something different? Yes. Is it the best waffle I’ve had? Definitely no.

2521 Main Street
Vancouver, BC


Miura Waffle Milk Bar on Urbanspoon

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  1. I know that the waffle was soggy, but the pic looks legit! 🙂

  2. Awww too bad it was soggy!

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