Penang Delight Cafe – Milo Dinosaur

“Milo Dinosaur”?  No, there’s no relation to the famous purple anthropomorphic dinosaur on tv… it’s really just an iced malt beverage topped off with more undissolved chocolate malt powder.  It’s actually quite refreshing on a hot day due to the ice cream.

The Roti Canai is quite good here… layers of thin, crispy and fluffy pancakes with a curry dipping sauce.


If you’re looking for something a little sweet and spicy, the Penang Tofu offers rectangular logs of fried tofu topped with red onions, cucumbers and sweet chili sauce.  I liked the texture of the tofu in this dish and was surprised at how filling it was.


We ordered a couple of other dishes for lunch… the Beef and Chicken Satay Skewers served with peanut dipping sauce as well as the K.L. Hokkian Mee.  I believe the “K.L.” stands for Kuala Lumpur, the most populous city in Malaysia.  These noodles were tasty… thick egg noodles, shrimp, squid, pork, fish cakes and vegetables all stir-fried in a dark soy sauce.  It actually resembles the Chinese dish, Shanghai Noodles, but the fixins’ really sends this over the top.


3885 Rupert Street
Vancouver, BC

Penang Delight Cafe 馬來檳城美食 on Urbanspoon


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