Anny’s Dairy Bar – Maple Twist Cone

With the weather finally starting to look a bit better towards mid-May, I stopped by Anny’s Dairy Bar for lunch and to try their famous Maple Twist Cone.

On my visit, there must have been a school outing because the tiny shop was flooded with little kids. Since there were no seats available (and partly because I didn’t want to hang out in a joint full of 10 year olds) I ordered my lunch to go.

First off was a small Maple Twist Cone ($3.75). While it was sunny outside, it wasn’t too hot. Despite this, the cone melted quickly. I was a little disappointed that my cone didn’t look anything like some of the other pictures I’ve seen from this place. I’m not sure if they were just rushed or if this is how it normally turns out. Since the maple is just drizzled on the top of the cone, once it’s gone, you just have a regular ice cream cone.

I ordered the Half Demi Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich combo ($8.25) but subbed the fries for a regular Poutine for an extra $2.85. The sandwich itself was okay – the smoked meat was piled high but I wish they had used more mustard.


The best reason to come here is for the poutine. They had lots of cheese curds in this dish and they were slightly melted and covered with a thick brown gravy. The cheese had an excellent texture being both chewy and squeaky at the same time.


722 Sixth Street
New Westminster, BC

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