Fratelli Bakery (New West)

Fratelli’s has always been one of our favourite Italian bakeries on Commercial Drive. So, when we heard that they were opening a second store front in the old Bella Cakes location, we’ve been looking for a reason to head down to Sapperton.

As I’ve mentioned previously, Sapperton was named after the Royal Engineers, Columbia Detachment (known as Sappers) who had barracks nearby.

On my visit in late July, they informed me that they had just completed renos at both locations. Upon entering the bakery, the sight of all of those yummy pastries can put a smile on anyone’s face.


Clockwise from the top: Chocolate Eclair ($2.15 each) filled with chocolate custard, Neopolitan ($2.15 each) with layers of puff pastry, buttercream and custard, Pistachio Square ($2.15 each), Carrot Cake ($2.95 each), Canoli ($2.15 each).


If you do drop by, make sure to pick up a Saint Honore Cake with chocolate shavings.

459 East Columbia Street
New Westminster, BC

Fratelli Bakery on Urbanspoon

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