Lalibela Ethiopian

I’ll admit it… as someone who grew up in the 80’s and the great famine that struck Ethiopia during that decade, whenever I hear about Ethiopian cuisine, I’ve wondered what kind of food would an Ethiopian restaurant possibly serve?

Lalibela is a town in Northern Ethiopa that is known for the monolithic churches that are carved out of rock. The restaurant that bears the same name is located in New West next to Hon’s. Always looking to try something different, I stopped by for lunch one day.

The Oey Doro Wot ($14) is a spicy stew made from fresh chicken and sautéed red onions seasoned with chili pepper (berbere) and flavoured with garlic, ginger and various herbs. As the menu described this as their “signature dish”, I figured it would be a good choice.

The dish is served with injera – a super soft, airy, and spongy flatbread with a slightly sour taste to it. Instead of utensils, you use your right hand to tear off a piece and pick up your food.


My dish came with a uniquely spiced chicken drumstick and a boiled egg in a thick curry sauce. Unfortunately, the porous flatbread makes is really easy for the sauce to soak through and I wound up with bright orange fingers afterwards.

The restaurant was dead during my lunchtime visit with no other diners to be seen. It was interesting to try and the flavours weren’t bad but I’m not a big fan of the flatbread which kind of reminded me of thin foam pillow.

406 Sixth Street
New Westminster, BC

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