The Terminal Pub – Truffle Bacon Mac and Cheese

I’ve driven by The Terminal Pub in New West many times and finally found the time to drop by for lunch one weekday. Don’t let the adult xxx store located next door sway your decision to visit this pub.


The interior is decorated much like any other pub… big screen tvs adorn the walls so you can enjoy your favourite sporting event.


Their special on Wednesday was the Truffle Bacon Mac and Cheese for $10 and I added the house-made chorizo for an extra $3. This was one of the better mac and cheese dishes that I’ve had recently. They use a rich aged cheddar bechamel sauce, crisp bacon, and fresh diced tomatoes and serve it up in a cast iron pot. The texture of the herbed bread crumbs complemented the creamy cheese sauce quite nicely but it was the bacon and crumbled chorizo that really kicked this dish up a notch.


It was fairly dead here at lunch time but if the rest of their food is as good as their mac and cheese, I wouldn’t hesitate to come back for another round.

As it turns out, I came back for lunch on a weekend and it is a bit busier. The prices are actually pretty good for the value.

The Bourbon Peach BBQ Baby Back Ribs ($14) is served with homemade sauce and served with mashed Yukon potatoes, slaw, jalepeño cornbread, and a grilled corn on the cob. The ribs were nice and tender.

The Pulled Pork Yorkshires ($6) were piled high with tasty pulled pork on the homemade pastry.


The Truffle Waffle Poutine ($9) with added crumbled chorizo ($3) was a good sized dish with cheese curds that had a tremendous cheese-pull… you know what I mean… when you pull at the cheese and it stretches out the length of your arm while still being connected to the dish. The curds were slightly squeaky and the crispy waffle fries were covered in a demi-glace sauce and finished with truffle oil (in the picture, it’s difficult to see the crumbled chorizo as it’s hiding beneath the waffle fries).


Overall, the food’s pretty good. And since our other favourite pub in New West, the Dublin Castle, is closed now, we might come here more often.

Service on my second visit was a bit slower as there was only one waitress working during most of our meal and there were more diners this time around.

115 12th Street
New Westminster, BC

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