Golden Pita Lebanese Restaurant – Hidden Gem

Back in July, I headed out to find a hidden Lebanese restaurant that I heard some good reviews about. Thank goodness for Google Maps because I really wouldn’t have found this place.

Tucked away behind Lougheed Mall, I finally came across my quarry, the Golden Pita Lebanese Restaurant. Despite being a bit hard to find, this place really isn’t a hole-in-the-wall joint. To me, a hole-in-the-wall is a bit dingy and sketchy. Rather, Golden Pita actually has a rather pleasant and clean interior.


On my first visit, I tried the Chicken Shawarma ($7.75) with roasted chicken wrapped in a whole wheat pita with garlic, tahini sauce, tomato, and pickled turnip, I had mine with a medium hot sauce and it arrived toasted with grill marks along the pita. The chicken throughout the pita was juicy and the veggies were chunky and complemented the slight crunch from the grilled pita.

I had arrived around noon on a weekday and got my order in early so the food came pretty quick. But by 12:30 pm, the place got busier and customers were having to wait longer.


I liked Golden Pita so much that I decided to come back for a revisit and try something else. This time, I had the Mousaka ($13.50) which consisted of baked slices of eggplant and zucchini, layered with beef in tomato sauce, and topped with a béchamel sauce. The dish also came with rice, tzatziki, humous and pita bread and I opted for the Tabbouleh Salad for an extra $1.

The baked slices of eggplant had an interesting textural component as it was flat, thin and slightly chewy. The beef had good flavour and the tabbouleh was super fresh (the only problem is that you wind up with a ton of parsley in your teeth). All in, the mousaka was a good mix of flavours and textures with the béchamel sauce adding a smooth and creamy element.


9630 Cameron Street
Burnaby, BC

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