Chosun BBQ Korean Restaurant – Revisit

Considering how many times that I drive by Chosun BBQ Korean Restaurant, you’d think that I’d come here more often.

Like most Korean restaurants, they bring out an assortment of Banchan to the table and I found that these dishes were pretty good. We ordered the Chicken Bulgogi ($15.95) and were given the choice to either cook it ourselves or to have it cooked in the kitchen. We weren’t in the mood to cook so we had them cook for us and it was probably for the best because it came out perfectly without any burnt pieces.


We ordered a BC Roll ($4.95) expecting a bit of salmon skin in the roll but found out that their version is much larger than we thought it would be. The roll includes tempura salmon with fake crab, avocado and tobiko and was pretty tasty (but I do miss my salmon skin).

Lastly, we had the Bibimbap ($10.95) served in the earthenware bowl. The hot stone bowl did a good job in crisping up the rice on the bottom.


I have to make sure not to wait so long to come back here. Check out our last visit back in 2011.

3486 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC

Chosun B.B.Q. Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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