Archimallows – Sweets from my Sweet

Does anyone remember that song “Sweets for my Sweet” by Chriss back in 1986? Keep reading and you’ll find out where I’m going with this.

Archimallows is a pop-up shop that’s opened up in the Holt Renfrew skybridge over Dunsmuir at Granville Street at Pacific Centre. Kyle Archibald and his sugary sweet stand is here until Dec 30th, 2014 so it’s the perfect holiday gift for someone who has a sweet tooth, like me. My sweetie brought me home a mason jar of these hand-crafted marshmallows sweets ($20 for 12 pillowy-soft marshmallows). They’ve got some interesting flavours going on here… this isn’t your standard “Lucky Charm” marshmallow.


They have plans to pop-up in some other future locations (as well as possibly returning to the Holt Renfrew location for Valentine’s Day). Vancity Buzz has a good write-up about them here.

Marshmallows generally evoke feelings of nostalgia for most people… of a time when life was simpler. Yet Archimallows has managed to combine that feeling with fun new flavours that both kids and adults can enjoy. Are designer marshmallows the next big thing in the Vancouver food/candy scene?

Speaking about times long since past… as I bit into my first Archimallow homemade marshmallow, I couldn’t help but think back to that great 80’s pop song, “Sweets for my Sweet”. For all of you 80’s pop fans, here’s the famous video by Chriss:

Location Varies – Currently at the Holt Renfrew skybridge at Pacific Centre over Dunsmuir at Granville
Vancouver, BC

Archimallows on Urbanspoon

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