Blue Water Cafe – Shellfish Plateau and Sablefish

Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar has been on my wish list for a number of years. But since they only open for dinner service, I’ve had a difficult time planning when to drop by Yaletown.

I bit the bullet and invited my sweetie to dinner one Friday night and I am sooo glad that I did. Now, before you go here, keep in mind that prices are on the high-side but the food’s really worth it. The service is also on par with what you would expect from a restaurant at this price point.

Our dinner started out with the complimentary bread (two different types of rolls) with a roasted red pepper and chickpea spread and seaweed butter. These individual-sized buns had a nice crusty exterior and chewy interior.


It’s not really a visit to a seafood restaurant if you don’t try their seafood platter. We ordered the Shellfish Plateau ($28.50) which is served on a single tier with oysters, prawns, mussels, clams, jellyfish and scallop ceviche (they have some other seafood towers that include lobster if you’re looking to kick it up a notch).

The jellyfish was really good! I’d say better than the jellyfish that you’d get at a Chinese restaurant. I found that the oysters served on the half shell to be quite plump but the scallop ceviche tasted a bit on the plain side. The large shrimp had the perfect amount of bouciness when you bit into the flesh but I found the mussels to be on the small size.


Next up was our main dishes. The Sablefish ($36.50) was served with a miso sake glaze with baby bok choy, edamame beans, quinoa and shiitake mushrooms with yuzu dashi. The thing that we like about sablefish (commonly known in BC as “black cod”) is how super buttery soft the flesh is and how it just melts on the tongue. The fish was fresh and had large white flakes that didn’t disappoint. Portion-wise, the sablefish was a good serving.


The Char ($30.50), appropriately enough, had a nice char to the skin leaving it with a pleasantly crispy skin and was served with braised leeks, wakame seaweed, dungeness crab, trout caviar and pearl couscous. The flesh of the char was similar to trout or salmon and was cooked perfectly.


While we were fairly stuffed from our meals, we felt we needed to try their desserts too ($12 each). The Daily Selection of Sorbets included three scoops (coconut, strawberry, and passion fruit) served with fresh berries. I’m not usually a coconut fan but I have to say that the coconut was the best of the bunch and had a perfectly light and refreshing taste. We really picked the sorbets because we like passion fruit but found that the passion fruit was too subtle in flavour.

The Raspberry Macaron is made with mascarpone cream, raspberry compote, and served with pistachio ice cream.


Service was good (although slowed down a bit when the restaurant got busier)… this included things like the waiters refolding our napkins when we momentarily left the table. To top off our meal, they provided us with these blueberry and pistachio petit four. Yes, Blue Water is on the expensive side but, well worth a visit.


1095 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, BC

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